Starting Guide to Online Casinos

Starting Guide to Online Casinos

This article is about online casinos and should be used as a starting guide to online casinos and what you should know before you begin to play. Online Casinos have been in existence since 1996 and the software began its development in late 1994. Since that period in time online gaming has become a billion dollar industry and offers people some of the best gaming that is available. Online gaming has had substantial impacts with land based casinos due to the increased payout percentages that online casinos offer its players. People who play online have come to understand the value that they receive from online casinos and this is only increasing with each passing year.

The reason for the increase payouts and subsequent improved experience is that online casinos operate in a cyber world. Whilst they have real offices and do have staff to operate the casino, the costs they do experience are substantially less than that of a land based casino. Those savings are passed along in the way of lucrative deposit bonuses and in the percentage the games payout. For example, the average online casino game offers a payout ratio that is in the 96 percentile which is higher than that found in Las Vegas. While some land based casinos will offer a higher payout ratio on certain games what they fail to tell players is the other games do not pay the same amount. Online casino games payout the same across the board and that is the main difference.

Casino Payout RatesThe Nevada Gaming Commission made a reports regarding payout percentage and the payout percentages for land based Las Vegas slots range from ~88% – 96% on average.

However at the best online casinos the payouts rate’s are normally 95% – 98% so there should be a big advantage playing slots online.

When you first start to play at and online casino it is important to understand the different types of games that are offered and the different software types that can be found. You will find all the same games you would normally see at a regular casino. You will find games such as classic slots, video slots, video poker and more. Table and card games are offered and played with the same rules and strategies that the regular versions of the games are played. The games all offer exceptional graphics with world class sounds. The newer games now incorporate animated graphics to give you a slot experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

You will find a number of different options when you wish to access the games. You may choose from downloadable software or Instant Play software. The download version will offer you the full line up of games that is offered by the software provider whereas the Instant Play version usually offers fewer games but still will offer a great variety of games. The difference between the two is that the instant play casino allows you to play the games in your web browser and avoid the need to download any software.

You will find various banking options as well as support options. As an online casino operates in a virtual world depositing is carried out using credit cards, prepaid debit cards or e-wallets. E-wallets are like virtual banks and allow you to fund your e-wallet account in order to make online purchases as well as the ability to receive your winnings to them.  All transactions carried out at an online casino use the latest in encryption technology to ensure safe and secure processing.The Best Online Casinos offer a number of different ways to contact them when you feel the need. These include live chat, email and telephone. Support agents are experienced in all aspects of the casino from the games to promotions and can assist you with any questions you may have.

Remember that when you sign up to an online casino you will be able to claim first time player deposit bonuses. These bonuses will often double your deposit and many will triple your deposit. The casino offers these promotions as an incentive for you to try the casino and to showcase the games they offer. Online casino promotions can be a great way to maximize your depositing dollar so be sure to look over each promotion, read the terms and get ready to experience a level of gaming that you have yet to enjoy.

Online casinos offer you such a huge degree of variety, from the game selection to the exciting and lucrative promotions. Take the time to discover all that online has to offer – you will not be disappointed!